Early Works    -    1975-1990

      During the initial period of my wood-turning journey I very rarely made a bowl, even though many of the already well known turners of that time focused almost exclusively on bowls.  Instead,  I made vessels with lids.   Although initially primitive,  these vessels evolved over time into a distinct style, first using exotic and domestic woods in concentric construction designs,  then primarily using burl wood  which I sourced myself,  some of it from the campus of Haverford College which I attended in the 60's.
       Below you can see images of a few of these vessels in chronological order.


photo by Ellis Wallentine

​Turned Box"       1982

Indian Rosewood, Walnut, Purpleheart

5" diameter

​"Burl Vessel with natural edge lid"       1988

Box Elder Burl & Cherry

10" diameter



​"Lidded Vessel with natural edge"       1990

Norway Maple Burl & Cherry

8" diameter x 12" height


"Rosewood Inhabitant"       1990

​8" diameter

Box Elder Burl and Indian Rosewood