To acquire this artwork

        If you wish to purchase my work you have two main options:    1) select a piece from the sales gallery and contact me by phone, email, paper mail or coming to Vermont to check on availability, and if so we can arrange payment and shipping;  2) select a piece from the other galleries on this site, (pieces I no longer possess)  and contact me about creating a new version.   If you choose the second option please be aware that I make each piece by hand and no two are alike.   Look at the photos below which show original pieces and new versions made on order.  If you are not comfortable with the differences, I suggest you either visit me at a show or else return to my sales gallery from time to time to find something you like. 

"Holding the Honey"   2003 

"Star Catcher"     2015

"Seeds of Babur"        2012

"Minding Mirak"       2015